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What's a "watamix"???

What's a "watamix", you ask?

Well, the first thing you need to know is what a "mix" is. That would be short for a "sound mix". And that is the blend of instruments and vocals that makes up any music we hear. If you're doing live sound (as I do), and you have a "good mix" going, that means that all the instruments and vocals are audible, in the proper relationships to each other, and that they're all properly blended and sound nice.

In 1983, when I first moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles, one of the first things I noticed was the abundance of personalized license plates in California. Seemed that everyone had something to say about themselves or their car, or whatever. My friend Rick, also a sound engineer, showed me his nicely restored '58 Chevy wagon, complete with personalized plates. His plates said "RIX MIX". Pretty cool, I thought. Now, what kind of cool saying could I put on MY new California plates? Back in New Jersey, I had SND MXR. Short for sound mixer, of course. Not cool enough. I thought about it for a while, looked around at other plates, and finally decided on WATAMIX. Kind of like WATABURGER, or WATAGUY or other similar sayings... Not meant to be serious, by any stretch of the imagination. Just a joke! I mean, I'm not trying to say that I'm the best sound mixer there is or anything. Because I certainly am not! Just trying to be cute with my little personalized plates...

So, a few years ago, when this whole web thing started getting popular, the natural progression was to take my WATAMIX online. First I got a screen name from America Online as WATAMIX. Then when it came time to make my own website, what else, but, right??

There you have it. If it weren't for my friend Rick and his RIX MIX plate, you might be visiting some boring url to find out about me, like or something!

Thanks for visiting!


Ken Newman

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